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Web Design

Internet marketing has many facets. A website is generally a pre-requesite. To make full use of website opportunities, it should be optimised so that those looking for the services and products you provide but who have never heard of your firm will find you and become a client. Sadly, many website owners become disillusioned with efforts to bring in new clients by SEO and they regard their websites as no more than an online brochure.


Total Page Authority

Web Design

The starting point is a website designed by a designer who provides a portfolio of attractive and functional websites. The designer should understand the benefits of SEO and ensure that all pages on the website are optimised for their target keywords – on-page optimisation. Perhaps the most difficult concept in SEO is keyword difficulty. The objective of SEO is to achieve top page positioning on Google for the best possible keywords that will bring in the most targeted traffic. The majority of short-tail keywords (one or two words only) are out of reach of the majority of SME websites. This is because the domain authority of the top performing webpages is high – in the order of 60 or more: Few SME websites achieve a domain authority of 40 and domain authority is on a logarithmic scale. One objective of SEO is to increase incoming link power by attracting high quality links to specific webpages and their websites. This increases the Total Page Authority of those pages.

Content Marketing

The power of content marketing is becoming increasingly recognised. The website should regularly add high quality pages and blog posts. Google is interested in webmasters who add to the value of the internet by the quantity and quality of the pages, posts and comments placed on the internet and in the interaction taken up by users. The greater the ‘digital footprint’ the better.

Over time and with an integrated approach to internet marketing, pages on the website will improve their ranking on Google and this can be tracked.

As the traffic (visitors to a website) increases, opportunity will come to increase business. The webpages should provide ‘Calls to Action’ such as call now or complete a contact form. Websites that provide products online may include e-commerce facilities. There is opportunity to use emails to increase business but it is netiquette to email only those who have agreed to receive emails from you. Unsolicited emails are regarded as spam and could have an adverse effect on your rankings.

SEO | First Page of Google

Positioning on Google’s first results page depends on a combination of:-

  • On Page factors – keywords (search terms) visible on your webpages and in the coding – particularly the Page Title.
  • Off Page factors – incoming links from other websites to your webpages.

Incoming links are more important than on-page factors as they:

  • Increase link authority of your webpages and website.
  • Add to the relevance of your webpages through the anchor (linking) text.

Why aim for top page positioning on Google?

Google accounts for more than 80% of searches universally and this includes the USA and the UK. Few searchers look beyond the first page of Google.